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Hangover Square by Patrick Hamilton.

Patrick Hamilton's Hangover Square: A Tale of Darkest Earl's Courthas been on my TBR pile since 2001: sixteen years. I honestly do not know why it's taken me so long to read it, though partly I think I forgot about it for a period, but when I saw Cosy Book's review at the beginning of the month I thought it was finally time to read it. And, as uncomfortable as it is, I loved it.
It was first published in 1941 but is set a few years later in 1939, just before the war. It tells the story of George Harvey Bone, an alcoholic with some kind of dissociative identity disorder or schizophrenia. He is obsessed by Netta, a woman in his 'circle' who is frankly awful, an utterly unpleasant woman who exploits George's affection for money and his (albeit limited) connections. His desperate attempts to win her, and her continuous repellent behaviour, is almost heartbreaking. The twist, though, is George's "dead moods", his switch, when he is convinced: &quo…

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