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An Unsocial Socialist by George Bernard Shaw.

An Unsocial Socialist, originally called The Heartless Man, was my introduction to George Bernard Shaw, most famous I dare say for his play Pygmalion (1912), and it was all rather bizarre. I can't honestly say if I liked it or not: The Guardian, who reviewed it in 1887 (four years after publication), sums it up quite neatly: "This is very nearly a good book, and still more nearly a bad one." I've no idea what to make of it.
It tells the story of Sidney Trefusis, our unsocial socialist, who is married to Henrietta (by Victorian ideals it was a very good match), who he swiftly leaves to live a true socialist life and encourage others to do the same. It begins in a girls' boarding school, In the dusk of an October evening, a sensible looking woman of forty came out through an oaken door to a broad landing on the first floor of an old English country-house. A braid of her hair had fallen forward as if she had been stooping over book or pen; and she stood for a moment…

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