Top Ten Illustrations and Cartoons of Authors I Like.

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie, so I thought for this week I'd pick some of my favourite illustrations and cartoons / caricatures of some of my favourite authors....

1. Wilkie Collins by Ape (Adriano Cecioni) for Vanity Fair, 1872.

2. Charles Dickens by André Gill for L'Eclipse, 1868.

3. Victor Hugo by André Gill for L'Eclipse (No 357), 1875.

4. James Joyce by Tullio Pericoli (1987).

5. Marcel Proust by Tullio Pericoli, 2000.

6. Alfred, Lord Tennyson by Ape (Carlo Pellegrini) for Vanity Fair 
(Men of the Period, no. 28. The Poet Laureate).

7. Anthony Trollope by Spy (Leslie Ward) for Vanity Fair, 1873.

8. Oscar Wilde by Judge (magazine), 1882.

This was a reference to Wilde's American tour (1882 - 1883). There's a full explanation on 

9. Virginia Woolf by Tullio Pericoli, 1987.

10. Émile Zola by Charles Lucien Léandre for Le Rire, 1897.

For this there was an accompanying caption: "Finally! Mr. Zola came to the end of creating the book Paris. Father and baby are well, anyway." ("Enfin ! M. Zola arrive au bout de son rouleau en mettant au monde Paris. Le père et l'enfant se portent bien tout de même").


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