Sunday, 5 February 2017

New stash!

I went book-shopping for the first time in ages and it was very fruitful indeed! Here's what I got:

  • The Minor Elizabethan Drama vol. 1: Pre-Shakespearean Tragedy. This is probably the most exciting one: about 15 years ago I came across The Minor Elizabethan Drama vol. 2: Pre-Shakespearean Comedy, and I've actually just read it quite recently. I wanted the 'tragedy' volume and lo and behold there is was. It includes:
    • Gorboduc by Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville.
    • Arden of Feversham.
    • David and Bethsabe by George Peele.
    • The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd (coincidentally I read this last week in another volume).
    • Cambyses, King of Persia by Thomas Preston.
  • Five Elizabethan Comedies: I already have Elizabethan History Plays, again which I read recently and enjoyed, so I'm pleased with this! It includes:
    • Campaspe by John Lyly (I really enjoyed Lyly's Endimion so I'm looking forward to this).
    • The Old Wives' Tale by George Peele, Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay by Robert Greene, and The Shoemarker's Holiday by Thomas Dekker, all of which I've read, and -
    • The Merry Devil of Edmonton.
  • The Beggar's Opera and Other Eighteenth-Century Play, which includes:
    • Cato by Joseph Addison.
    • The Conscious Lovers by Sir Richard Steele.
    • The Beggar's Opera by John Gay.
    • The Tragedy of Tragedies, or The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great by Henry Fielding.
    • The London Merchant, or The History of George Barnwell by George Lillo.
    • She Stoops to Conquer, or The Mistakes of the Night by Oliver Goldsmith.
    • The School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
  • Restoration Plays
    • All for Love by John Dryden (recently read)
    • The Country Wife by William Wycherley.
    • The Way of the World by William Congreve.
    • Venice Preserv'd by Thomas Otway.
    • The Beaux Stratagem by George Farquhar.
    • The Provok'd Wife by Sir John Vanbrugh.
    • The Man of Mode by George Etherege.
  • Four Tudor Comedies:
    • Jacke Jugeler
    • Roister Doister by Nicholas Udall.
    • Gamer Gurton's Nedle thought to be by William Stevenson.
    • Mother Bombie by John Lyly.
  • A Short History of the World by H.G. Wells.
  • The Travels of Sir John Mandeville.
  • The Temptation of St. Antony by Gustave Flaubert.
  • Confessio Amantis by John Gower.
  • Selected Essays, Poems, and Other Writings by George Eliot.

Quite a book haul! I'm really excited to read these, especially H.G. Wells and the Minor Elizabethan Drama vol. 1. It's been such a long time since I've bought a load of books, and I do think it's an excellent way to beat the winter blues!


  1. Woo hoo! How exciting! I'm so glad that I can live vicariously through you! You are going to be a drama expert soon. Funny, I was just looking at The Temptation of St. Anthony online and thinking that I'd like to read it. Have fun with all your acquisitions! You'll have lots of fun reading ahead!

    1. I do seem to be reading a lot of plays at the minute! Slightly nervous of the early modern ones (as ever!). Looking forward to Flaubert, should be very interesting. Don't know why I don't read more Flaubert... I must remedy that! :)

  2. Our Play Reading class read Sheridan's School for Scandal together and we had a great time with it. You are a braver reader than I am but I always enjoy seeing the classics that you tackle. A great haul and you are definitely right about a big book buying session making one feel better. Travellin' P.

    1. I'm looking forward to School for Scandal. Hoping to first finish the early modern plays on my CC list first, though I may end up deviating from it! :)


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