Another exciting discovery!

We're a week away from June and every day, almost every moment, the garden is changing. I've got quite a few pictures now to share for June's post, but this can't wait: this evening whilst watering the greenhouse after a spectacularly hot day (40 °C on the patio!) I found a White Ermine moth (or, to give it its Latin name, Spilosoma lubricipeda). I've never seen one before, I'd never heard of one before, and, not being a butterfly-buff, I didn't know there were white moths in the UK. But there is and it's laying its eggs on my Morning Glory plant! 

My camera's not too good at close-ups, but here's two pictures I took just a few minutes ago:

Such discoveries are why I love gardening so much! I was planning on moving this Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) out into the garden but I think, if there's eggs on it, it perhaps ought to stay in the greenhouse. I'm looking forward to seeing caterpillars (I know caterpillars will eat some of my plants but I'm used to that, and I actually deliberately keep two large crops of nettles for caterpillars to enjoy!).

And, in other news, I've just seen a few rosebuds. I do love my roses 😊

Update: As of 7.20 AM I now have two moths!


  1. Enjoy your foto's and also love plants and gardening. This week I taped all the RHS Chelsea Flower show so I can watch and watch again. I wanted to vote for RHS Public Prize garden ( #2 on the list my favorite) but that is not possible....only voting in UK allowed. I will post a few garden foto's soon on my blog. I took foto's 1 x every month to see the flowers blossom and grow! Unfortunately I only have 'container plants' and hanging baskets....I do envy your beautiful surroundings!

    1. I didn't manage to watch much of Chelsea unfortunately - getting up with the hens now at around 4.45 AM (best thing about mid-winter is I don't have to get up til 8!!) so by tea time I'm so tired and ready for bed. I've recorded Gardener's World from last night which I'm going to watch later, so it'll be a bit of a catch-up :) I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures! I'd like more hanging baskets, and to be honest I'm thinking containers for me would be better. I've got a patch of plants, mostly in the soil, and it's taken so long and it actually worries me thinking one day Meg the hen (the most destructive hen we've ever had!) is very likely to dig it all up! There's a few in that patch in containers and I know they'll be safe. Got lots of containers on the patio too - they can look very beautiful (I say "can" because I have a few pots the plants were bought in - need to replace them with nicer pots) :)

  2. here in the NW, there are, rarely anymore, Hawk Moths... i once discovered one laying eggs on my desk(located in a building in the forest)... lovely pictures and nice to find out about one of England's more important residents...

    1. Hawk moths are beautiful - I've seen pictures but I don't think we get them in the UK. I love moths and butterflies and some of them aren't doing so well with the changing climate - that's why I keep the two patches of nettles. I don't like nettles any more than anyone else, but they are good for the caterpillars :)

  3. Replies
    1. They are indeed :) One left lunch time yesterday and the other one must have left some time in the afternoon. I think there's about ten eggs there now - I'll be keeping an eye on them and making sure they're safe - looking forward to seeing the caterpillars! :)


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