Hen Progress Pictures: the six month mark.

I've finally managed to get some new pictures of my hens! They've been out of the battery farm a little over six months now, and here is their progress!

Top: Anne
Centre: Emily
Bottom: Charlotte

I wrote about them in detail in this post, about the problems they'd faced, and how proud of them I am, but I never realised just how much progress they had made until I looked at these old pictures. I haven't looked at the early ones since probably the last time I did a progress report (6th September). I remember how bald Emily was, and how pale Charlotte and Annie was, and of course Annie's bad eye, but looking at them now... I'm so proud of them.

And they're such good good hens!


  1. Your hens look really different! They're looking healthy and happy now! And I am happy for them and for you.

  2. Look at these pretty hens!!! I can't wait until the day I can have hens of my own in my backyard. Right now it's just not possible in our tiny tiny apartment. Emily is looking particularly happy!

  3. What a difference! Anne, Emily and Charlotte are looking so much better. These photos made me smile. All the best!

  4. They are simply gorgeous. Well done for taking them in and giving them their loving forever home.

  5. Thanks, all! They're very beautiful, so happy to have them! :D


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