January 2014.

A new year, and by coincidence a new moon. It's pouring down here, has been all day. Four o' clock and it's getting dark, with a heavy mist, and a wind that's getting stronger. It's a perfect day to curl up with a hot drink and a good book, which is what I shall be doing this evening. I'm still full of cold, but it's getting better I think. Coffee, a biscuit, bed, and Agnes Grey is what I'm most looking forward to in the next hour! There's only so much hot lemon I can drink...

2013 went by so fast, I'm almost nervous to make resolutions for 2014. On the first day of the year I always think of things I want to achieve however am not yet inclined to work for, but I think motivation is bound to come at some point in the following 365 days. Now I feel forced to be realistic!

That said, I do want to at least start to read Das Kapital by Karl Marx. I've been meaning to for quite some time, but I do think I'm ready. 2015 will be election year, so I imagine 2014 will be the beginning of the battle between Labour and the Conservatives to gain favour. I want Marx to help me bear it! Another 'big' one for me will be Ovid's Metamorphoses, which I think I'll love, I know it will be greatly beneficial, and since reading Tales from Ovid by Ted Hughes, it's not quite as frightening (that said, I read Tales from Ovid in April 2012, so something must have put me off!). Émile Zola refers to Ovid here and there, which I hadn't appreciated the first time I read the Rougon Macquart series, so I imagine there's a great many other authors I love who may do the same. 

And speaking of Zola (which I often do!), I plan on working on my Zola website a great deal in 2014. It's very time consuming but I love every part of it. Perhaps I'll even make it public! It's a long way off, though. 

I've got lots of other challenges on the go this year, and I seem to be quite focused on my 25 re-reads. As I say, I'm reading Agnes Grey today, and I've also got Les Misérables on the go, and I'm very much drawn to all the others on my list so I can't decide what I'll pick up next! I'll certainly read Hamlet this month for the Classics Club Shakespeare month, and possibly Macbeth. Furthermore, I'm planning on re-reading Eugene Onegin by Pushkin as a readalong with Marian, and that starts next week. 

But, I do have some new-to-me reads planned for January and the year ahead! I have The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins on my TBR pile, which is also on my Classics Club list and Penguin English Library list. I hope to make good progress with both of these this year, perhaps even finish them, but I can't commit as I'm so in to re-reads at present! My goal was to finish this Classics Club list by March 2015, and I'd say I'm on track - I have now read 142 out of 180, so it's promising. As for the Penguin list - I'm on 73 of 100. 

And this year I'm hosting Russian Literature 2014! I'm very excited about this, and I'm planning a post tomorrow about it. As I said in the initial post, I plan to do 'check ins' at the end of each quarter, and I'll get the ball rolling tomorrow. My final challenge is reading the novels of Dostoyevsky, so this will help enormously! 

And, last but not least - the 2nd Annual Classics Club readathon! I'm very much looking forward to this! I shall post nearer the time with my choices, but yes, very very looking forward to it!

But, for now, back to Agnes Grey. I'm hoping I'll be over my cold very soon, so lots of water and hot lemon etc. Not now, though - I do need a coffee! I'm very excited for the year ahead, but I feel as though 2014 will properly start on Friday. This is for two reasons: one, I'm full of cold so surely it will be over by then, and two, most importantly, my boyfriend will have a day off! He works all day every day through the Christmas and New Year season apart from Christmas Day, and it's been, as it is every year, rather difficult being apart so much. I'm desperately excited to have things back to normal! At the moment we're still 'in the season' (for want of a better term), but the light is very much at the end of the tunnel! 

Happy 2014, everyone! 


  1. Happy new year! All your reading plans make me want to plan something for this year as well (though time and short attention span are not in my favor).

    I woke up with the need to sink my teeth into a great classic and remembered about a failed attempt to read Germinal in original French back in highschool. Guess I'll have to go with an English translation this time.

    You should share your Zola project with the world!

    Agnes Grey needs a reread too! It was one of my first classics waiting patiently among my parents' books to be discovered and literally loved! One my favorite Brontes for sure.

    1. I will make it public once I've written a few more reviews on it.

      Germinal is well worth it - I hope you find a way of getting into it :)

      I LOVE Agnes Grey - going to write a review on Sunday.

  2. Yes, You should share your Zola project! I tried to read Germinal last year but had a hard time getting into it so left it lay. I am going to pick it up again in the future because it is on my Classic Club list. Maybe your Zola project would help others to enjoy his works! or better understand him?...

    I have had The Moonstone on my shelf for a long time! I need to bite the bullet and get it done!

    Happy New Year and Happy Reading...

    1. I feel the same about The Moonstone! Think I'll read it tomorrow for the readathon :)

      Happy New Year to you too :)

  3. Happy New Year! I can't believe it's here already, actually. Your reading all sounds so tempting (well, except for Marx--I can't say that would interest me). Hopefully they'll all be good! I hope you feel better soon, by Friday certainly. Happy reading!

  4. You are so close in quite a few of your challenges; you can be very proud of yourself! I hope to get there one day.

    Do you have a link for the Ted Hughes Metamorphoses version? I looked for it but the one I found didn't seem complete.

    Happy 2014!

    1. I don't think it will be online yet, it's not in the public domain. It's worth buying, though - I really loved it :)

  5. Sounds like a busy year! I am glad you're joining the readathon, last year it was such great fun.
    Happy new year and get well soon :)

    1. Thank you, and happy new year to you, too. Glad you're blogging again :)


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