Emily's back home! She's much better after her paraffin treatment, and the blockage is much reduced. She still has a lump, and she'll need to stick with the paraffin for a few more days, but things are much more hopeful, infinitely more hopeful than last night.

Right now, she's asleep on my knee (as you can see by the picture she was having a wander about on the desk earlier), she's had some Ready Brek from the vet, then when she came home she had some mash, and some salad, and she's had a good drink of water. Obviously she's quite sleepy, but she's had her lunch with Anne and Charlotte, had some food by herself, and when she wakes up I'll take her out into the garden for half an hour. 

So, things are greatly improved! Last night was awful, so I could do with some sleep myself! But, yes, things are so much better. I think within the next week or so she'll be back to being on form!


  1. That is such good news, O! I was thinking about her, so I am thrilled that she is so much improved! Yay, Emily! :-)

  2. What a badass photo! :) I'm glad she's better now, and I wish you and your hens all the best :)

  3. Glad she is doing better--she looks to be in fine form in the photo, anyway. :)

  4. Good news so far. Thinking of Emily.

  5. Yay! I was so dismayed to read your previous post this morning and wildly happy to see that there was already an update and that Emily is doing well. <3

  6. I'm glad it's getting better :)

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments :)

    I think she's getting better, but it's still not quite as straightforward. She can't feed herself at present because she's still weak, so I'm syringe-feeding her every few hours. She's also sleeping indoors (she's lost so much weight she can't stand the cold) but I make sure she spends time with her sisters each day. She's brighter, and getting heavier, but it's a very long process...


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