To all those who celebrate it - a happy Easter to you! Here's a picture of the hens - in both Charlotte is on the left and Anne on the right. It's a beautiful day here - sunny and warm with a deliciously cool breeze. I do love spring.

Left to right: Oliver, Trotwood, and
Myshkin. The owl is to stop them
going to that corner. It doesn't work.
We're having a quiet day today: Trotwood had a traumatic day yesterday: all three budgies were in the aviary and a sparrow hawk tried to get in (the same sparrow hawk as last time? I don't know). There was certainly no way it could get in as all the doors were locked, but it crashed off the roof and then the sides. In their panic the budgies flew to the side and clung to the wire, and as I went out the sparrow hawk and Trotwood came head to head (albeit Trotwood was on one side of the wire and the hawk on the other). Trot fell down, and remained lying on his stomach with his wings spread out (I think he was playing dead, and he did look dead, which was awful), but then he looked up. I got them all in, the hens (who by this time, 7 o' clock, were also locked away) were fine, they stood and watched it. Obviously Trot was terrified, and he has a small cut across his face, and for an hour or so he sat on my hand, making himself very thin. Thankfully he's recovered, and the cut has healed remarkably fast. Though I know the hawk cannot physically get in, I'm going to do a little work to deter the hawk before I let them out again. The worry is when they panic they fly to the sides, and had the hawk cut Trot's stomach he might not have fared so well. So, the hens are in the bottom half of the garden (secure from aerial attack) and the budgies are flying about in their room. All is peaceful, Trotwood is his usual self, as are Myshkin and Oliver, and the hens are lying in the shade under their seat.

The three volumes of Proust.
So, today I'm mainly reading and writing and eating Easter eggs! If you follow me on Goodreads or Twitter you'll know I've started reading In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. I have read it before, but I read it more to say that I had read it. Now I can say that but I can say little else, which is a shame, so I'm re-reading it at a much slower pace. I've finished the Overture and written a little paragraph on that (I'll publish it when I've finished Swann's Way, the first book), and for the next few days I'll reading the second part, 'Combray'. My basic plan is simply to read each section, write a few words, then when I've finished each book I'll write a review. I'm not structuring this or making plans. In the past I wanted to read each chapter in one go, but the chapter lengths are phenomenally long (hundreds of pages, some of them), so I'm just stopping at places I find appropriate. I'm enjoying it, and not too intimidated because I'm not looking at this as an overall project! Even so, wish me luck!

Today I'm also hoping to finish my review on Of Human Bondage, and I think if I don't finish it I should do on Monday. I read The Wasteland by T. S. Eliot yesterday and I may have a few words to say about that, and, meanwhile, I'm reading Barchester Towers for Amanda and Melissa's Chronicles of Barsetshire read-along, and I am loving it the second time around! Looking forward to May when we read Doctor Thorne, which I've not yet read. 

Finally, because I've not played on my Tumblr for days, I may update that later, too!

So it is a quiet weekend, a lovely warm and quiet spring weekend! I hope everyone's having a good weekend as well: tell me if you have any exciting reading plans!


  1. Happy Easter to you, O! Poor Trotwood! It's good to hear that he has recovered after going head-to-head with the sparrow hawk.

    Due to the improved weather, we put our rabbit, Whiskers, out on our deck for the first time this weekend. He loves the extra room to run around even though he gets baths from our dog, which I don't think he cares for. Having a slobbery wet head could not feel pleasant! ;-)

    I've read The Waste Land, so I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. I'm so impressed that you're reading In Search of Lost Time. I have Swann's Way but I think I'll need some sort of commentary to go with it. I can't see getting to it soon.

    I'm loving the Trollope series. He has such a unique style. I'm so glad I was given a little shove to read him from the read-along.

    1. I need a bit of help with Proust as well: I'm doing a bit of background reading for each section, but I think I might invest in a guide book :)

      Glad you're reading Trollope - he's one of my favourites. Exciting to be reading the Chronicles - I've always meant to, but kept getting distracted :)

  2. Reading and writing and eating Easter eggs sound like fun to me! I love quiet weekends, and wish I had more of those for sure.
    On Saturday, I am joining the 24 hour reading marathon so that is definitely something exciting coming up!

    1. I'm joining in as well! Looking forward to it, though, as per usual, I may only go for 12 hours :)


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