Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dewey's Readathon.

Hurrah, the day has come! This is my sixth readathon, and today is perfect for it: sunny, but cold and rainy, and I have quite a bit of reading to catch up on! So, I'm going to put the fire on, make a cup of coffee, and begin, most likely with Stoner by John Williams (I'm about a third of the way through). 

Other plans? I don't want to commit this time, but - I would love and I dearly need to finish The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope. I think I've had this on the go since the beginning of September. I'm almost at the half way point with it, and to finish it would be grand. It has been my block for well over a month.

I'm also thinking I may finish The Mabinogion, and quite possibly Dante's The Divine Comedy. I love Dante and I've read it before, so it's no chore. And, finally, I would like to read Joris-Karl Huysmans Against Nature

So, I'm going to be brave and commit to The Small House at Allington, and aside from that I'll see where the mood takes me. I'm quite likely to read a bit of Émile Zola's The Conquest of Plassans, and I'm also considering Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

Seriously, though - I'm considering everything right now. The mere mention of Northanger Abbey as opened up a whole world of Gothic Literature and.... Oh, I don't know! But I do know today will be great fun!

I'll update either every few hours or when I've finished a book.

(Shakespeare, maybe? I could read The Tempest? The Taming of the Shrew?)

(Maybe read some Keats?)

Have fun, everyone!

Update 1: Events took a rather unexpected turn this afternoon, and after I finished Stoner (which I loved) I wasn't able to read very much at all. But there's still many hours, so after my tea I'm going to try and settle back into and press on with The Small House at Allington.

Hope everyone's enjoying it so far :)

Update 2: Very happy to say that I've finished The Small House at Allington. Very happy indeed. It's a book that, in different circumstances, I possibly would have loved, but not this time. One day I'll try again!

Now I'm going to read Paradiso, possibly have a bath, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy listening to the rain. I aiming to keep going until at least 2 am (I don't seem to have the stamina for all-nighters any more - staying up for the Scottish Referendum results in September nearly wiped me out for a week!). I shall update again around midnight...

Update 3: This is my signing off update. It's been a long day and I need to get some rest. I've finished Paradiso, I've finished Stoner, and I've finished The Small House at Allington, and before I do go to sleep I hope to read a little of Against Nature. So this has been a good catch-up day.

Good luck to all of those who are going for the full 24 hours!


  1. Nice to see a familiar face amongst all the new-to-me names.

    Happy readathon :-)

  2. I know what you mean! For every book I think of to add to my pile, I think of several more! Thus, I've decided that all of my books are fair game. :) Good luck! I can't wait to hear how the day goes for you!

    1. I know, I'm now sort of considering James Joyce! Pile growing ever larger...

    2. Wow! Joyce would have been a bold choice! He and I just cannot seem to gel. Maybe once I grow up. :) Sounds like you had a great day of reading!

  3. that's a lovely stack of possibilities! I would vote for the Trollope, but I'm prejudiced. I hope you have a wonderful day of reading. I won't be joining in but cheering from the sidelines.

    1. I love Trollope, but I've spent FAR too long on this book. Too much time's killed the enjoyment a bit, I'm afraid. I'm more focussed on finishing, then I can start The Last Chronicle :)

  4. Ah, I so envy you ...... well, all of you! I wanted to join you, but I just had too much to do today that couldn't be rescheduled. I'm happy to hear that you got so much read. I'm going to try to have a getaway to the island in November where there will be little to do but read. I hope I make it there!

    Now I'm looking forward to all your reviews!

    1. I think reviewing The Divine Comedy will be a tough one - I feel like I need to read it again!


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