A very exciting discovery!

I've just, within the last five minutes, discovered that there's a pair of swallows building a nest at the bottom of my garden! I am so happy and excited!

They are flying pretty fast around the garden so it's hard to take a picture, but I did manage one:

Hopefully, if they stay, I'll be able to share some more updates in the future. Won't be able to share any picture of any nest though, the zoom on my camera isn't quite up to the task, but I will be able to see them going back and forth. And, again assuming they stay, I may be able to see some babies in the coming weeks or months!

It's all very exciting! We've never had a nest there, they tend to go for the alley between us and our neighbour but last year they didn't. Perhaps this year they're there again, I'm not sure, I'll have to go and look...

Anyway, had to share this news and the picture! I was actually only looking out the window to take a picture of a blackbird which has been singing all morning. While I'm here, here's the picture I took (and a bonus robin!):

Oh, I do hope the swallows stay! I'll have to look up how to help them. I know with robins they are very private and will abandon a nest if they think it's been discovered, so I'll have to pretend I don't know they are there...


  1. That's great news!! There used to be so many more swallows around here when I was younger but they have decreased quite drastically. We see them on the island at night, swooping over the ocean to catch the bugs that come out.

    Robins are really ditzy. We had one a couple of years ago build its nest in my grape vine which is on a trellis right at the bottom of the back stairs. We tried to avoid it, but it was nearly impossible because the only other way to get into our back yard was to climb the fence on the other side of the lot (which we did). But even when we went out on the deck, it would scream and fly away and eventually it did abandon the nest. Then it came back and laid more eggs in it, then abandoned it again. Not smart .... :-(

    Can't wait to see any updated photos!

    1. I think swallows fluctuate a bit. Well, here at least, I think they have 'green status' so no cause for concern, but their numbers go up and down a bit. I love watching them in the evening. We get so many midgies here (at the height of summer it's difficult, sometimes impossible, to leave the house after 6 pm because of it) and the swallows swoop about eating them.

      I love robins :) I think our robins are different from yours - ours, the European robin, is much smaller and they're sharp little things. It's the blackbirds and doves that are a bit silly. All of the birds at some point get stuck in the aviary and the little birds can be guided out, but the doves and blackbirds never manage it and always have to be caught :)

      Not seen our garden swallows today - wondering if I've jumped the mark and they were just checking out the area! Hopefully not, hopefully they're still there!

  2. Exciting times in the manse! I don't think we have swallows but I'm not sure about that... Many others,tho... They're such a pleasure to watch! Always good to hereabout birds and such... Tx..

    1. You're welcome :) I love hearing about other people's birds - you'll have to tell me some of your common garden birds, I'd love to hear about them when you've got a minute :)

  3. That's wonderful! But do you know how to (humanely) coax away a woodpecker? Because this guy's driving me batty.

    1. I've no idea... We have a few and I love them, but they don't 'drum' (if that's the right word) so close to the house. I do sympathise - where I used to live the window frames were wooden and there was a gang on blue tits that used to peck at it first thing in the morning (talking 4 am in summer) and that drove me insane. Are woodpeckers protected where you are? I'd check their legal status before you try to get them to move on, here in England there are some species that, if you interfere with them in any way, you get a hefty fine and a prison sentence (I believe swallows are one such species)! I dare say not feeding them would be helpful, but that's tricky if they're rearing their young. I know there's a lot of birds that don't like shiny things, so a well-placed mirror or two might get them to avoid near your house. Other birds might follow suit though. I'm afraid I'm not much help with this! Good luck with it :)


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