2017 in Pictures.

For the previous years I've always tried to write something on the year that's passed, but this year, which on a nation and indeed world-wise level has been very full and tumultuous, I decided instead to let the pictures paint the words. Here's some memorable pictures of some of the main events that really stood out for me from the United Kingdom.

Fireworks in London for the New Year's celebrations (1st January)

The Women's March (21st January)
[Guy Bell / Rex / Shutterstock]

Keith Palmer’s police helmet at the spot at which he was killed in the Westminster terrorist attack (22nd March)

Sheikh Mohammad al Hilli, Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Rev Justin Welby, Chief Rabbi Ephriam Mirvis, Sheikh Ezzat Khalifa, and Cardinal Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Westminster attend memorial service following the Westminster attack (24th March)

Article 50 is triggered (29th March)

Saffiyah Khan during an English Defence League rally in Birmingham (10th April)
[Joe Giddens / PA Archive/PA Images]

Theresa May calls a snap election (18th April)
[Dan Kitwood / Getty]

Police during the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack (22nd May)
[Owen Humphreys / PA]

St. Anne's Square, Manchester; some of the crowd sing Oasis' Don't Look Back in Anger (25th May)
[Jeff J Mitchell/Getty]

Aftermath of the London Bridge and Borough Market Attack (3rd June)

Ariana Grande performs on stage during the One Love Manchester Benefit Concert at Old Trafford (4th June)

Theresa May leaves Downing Street to meet the Queen (9th June)

Emergency services attending the fire at Grenfell Tower (14th June)
[Daniel Leal-Olivas / Getty]
The morning after the Grenfell fire (14th June)
[Mike Kemp / Getty]

The Queen meeting residents at Grenfell Tower (16th June)

The Queen's Speech (19th June)

Forensics Officer investigating at the scene of the Finsbury Park attack (19th June)

Jeremy Corbyn speaks at Glastonbury (24th June)
[Matt Cardy / Getty]

Theresa May, Arlene Foster, Nigel Dodds and Jeffrey Donaldson reaching an agreement (26th June)
[Dominic Lipinski / PA]

David Davis appearing unprepared in a meeting with Michel Barnier (17th July)
[Thierry Charlier/AFP/Getty Images]

Prince Philip makes his final solo official appearance (2nd August)
[Hannah McKay / Reuters]

Big Ben falls silent for repairs for the next four years (21st August)
[Daniel Leal-Olivas]

The anniversary of Princess Diana's death (31st August)
[Dan Kitwood / Getty]

Prince George's first day at school (7th September)

The Jane Austen £10 note entered circulation (14th September)
[Chris J. Ratcliffe / Reuters]

Theresa May's speech at the Conservative party Conference (4th October)
[Phil Noble / Reuters]

Hyclere Castle during Hurricane Ophelia (12th October)
[Hyclere Castle]

Theresa May waiting for Donald Tusk (19th October)
[AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert, Pool]

Storm Brian, Porthleven in Cornwall (21st October)
[Andrew Matthews / PA]

ulien Epaillard winning the Olympia leg of the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping (17th December)
[House & Country]

#AVeryMerryMuslimChristmas trends on Twitter to celebrate the significant charitable contributions of British Muslims over the festive period and throughout the year (19th December)
[Mohammed Abed / Getty]

Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle at Sandringham on Christmas Day
[Karen Anvil]

And what is there left to say but let's hope for a calmer 2018.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. lots to admire: the Queen talking to another person; on the street and obviously concerned: never happen in this country! and many others, the Women's march, all the demonstrations... and why in heaven's name do the police, just like this country, act like Rambo, with all the guns?!... it makes me ponder: it seems like the larger the population, the greater effect minorities have on the general welfare. something to do with greater media presence, or mass communication of some sort? well, i certainly hope the new year will offer some little tidbit of hope, unlikely as it may seem at present... Happy New Year, O!

    1. It was a strange year though there was humanity shown despite the evil. And it was odd for us to see the police like that - we so rarely saw them armed before this year. In most of these pictures the threat level was critical, which meant they thought another attack was imminent, I believe that's why there was a heavy presence. I've not been in a city for years but I gather some are still armed. It's very strange indeed - only time I've seen armed police was in Paris! I wish it wasn't necessary. I think (I may be remembering this incorrectly) some police forces were inviting people to talk to them on the street to show that they were still approachable etc. An odd time. Lord, I hope it improves this year!

      Happy new year to you, and thanks again for all your help!

  2. Replies
    1. Happy new year! It's half an hour away now here in the UK... :)


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