This morning's snow.

Yesterday morning I woke up to about an inch (or less) of snow. It was completely dark but later there was a beautiful sunrise: a few peachy coloured clouds and a soft blue sky. A beautiful start to December! This morning: still dark, but the light is starting to creep in and I can see it's going to be a very cloudy morning. And I can start this post with some good news: I have a new baby budgie! I had no plans to buy her, but when I was in the pet shop there was a man there planning on buying her  (she was the only one left) and he was asking some rather alarming questions which unnerved me to the point where I thought I should intervene. So, she's my budgie now, and she's called Snow, partly because I like the name and also because on the drive back there was a blizzard. It's very early days to judge her personality, but she does seem very docile. Yesterday, for example, I had to vacuum and she sat quietly watching me as Bram and Pepys shouted their usual objections. I've managed this morning to get her to sit on my hand, which is a promising first step (it usually takes a week or so), and I can stand very close to her without her showing any fear. What's touching is how sweet budgies can be with new budgies: Snow was eating her seed earlier and Bram was watching her - the next time I looked Bram was eating seed from a different container. Had they have been chickens Bram would have had her head off for that! She really seems to like sitting on bookshelves - I have a few pictures of her:

As for Bram and Pepys, they're both well and, on the whole, they're being kind to her and including her. It's remarkably easy to introduce new budgies, I've found. Here's a picture of Bram and Pepys:

Bram (dark blue at the back) and Pepys (pale blue at the front).

The hens are also well, and yesterday was Bess and Clover's first snow day. Previously other hens have been rather nervous of it: Ruby won't go out in it, and Meg will only if there's food involved, but Clover marched straight out in it (the first thing she did was try to eat it) and Bess followed. They've been in the garden where it's slightly deeper: Clover's fine, but Bess isn't sure and is walking very slowly and carefully (she fell over once or twice).



Meg and Bess. Meg's looking a bit tatty though is nearly at the end of her moult.
Ruby's under the coop out of sight where the heater is - she only emerges for food.

I'm happy with their progress, but I do feel sorry for them all: they're up at about 8 o' clock and going to bed about 3.30. If I remember right by midwinter they're usually in bed before 3 o'clock, which is no fun. But they seem happy! As for me, this is my favourite time of year for sleep - I'm getting up by choice about 6 o'clock (though I could get away with sleeping til 7.30). Much better than midsummer's 4.30! I do love summer, but that is a quite a price to pay. I miss gardening too - there's nothing much to do at present, but I'm planning on putting some Christmas lights on one of the trees (if the wire stretches: if it doesn't I'm not sure where the lights will go). I've taken just a few pictures of the garden and the surrounding area (being out in the snow isn't too good for my bad foot, which is getting better), so, as is the spirit of December, I thought I'd look back and include a couple of pictures from earlier in the year taken at more or less the same point:

August (left) and December (right).
May (left) and December (right).
April (right) and December (left).

I wish I had a few more, but as my foot's improving I should be able to get back out soon and take more pictures! The last set I have were all taken from the doorstep:

As for December plans: tomorrow, a little late, I'll be making the Christmas cake, which is very exciting! I'm also planning on putting the Christmas tree up on Tuesday. I know it's a little early really, I'd normally wait until the second week of December, but I think it's right to bring some festive cheer sooner rather than later. My reading plans are fairly minimal: I'm about a third of the way through Dostoyevsky's The Devils (I'd planned on reading The Brothers Karamazov but for some reason I had an urge to read The Devils), after which I would like to read a Dickens for Fanda's Dickens in December. Not sure what I'll go for - probably either Sketches by Boz or Bleak House. I've also started a new volume of plays by Ibsen: I've got Rosmersholm to blog about next week, after which I'll be reading and blogging about The Master Building, Little Eyolf, and John Gabriel Borkman, and I would like to finish Time's Laughingstocks and Other Verses by Hardy. The final book on my TBR for December is The Swindler by Francisco de Quevedo, and after that I'm not sure how much time I'll have! I'm sure I'll be making some time to plan 2018 challenges, however!

I can't honestly believe that the next 'start of the month' post I'll be writing will be in January 2018.... How this year has flown!

Happy December, everyone! ⛄


  1. I love Snow. I hope you will keep us posted on her life with her new siblings. The year has gone by so fast. They allseem to. Happy reading through the holidays and all the very best for the coming year.

    1. She is very lovely. Still very new so her 'true' personality hasn't come out yet. She does seem very sweet though. I had to pick her up yesterday after she crash landed (she's not figured out the geography of the room) and she didn't bite, which they normally do. A good sign :) And yes, the years speed by... It's not nice to think of how fast they go! :)

  2. I love the baby budgie! She is adorable and Snow is a perfect name! Yes, Budgies seem more friendly than other species! As usual, you reading plans take my breathe away, but also inspire me at the same time! Lovely pictures! And yes, me too...I LOVE Winter! Here's wishing you happy December and happy reading!

    1. Thank you! Snow is very pretty and good, still a very long way from being tame though! But I'll get there with her I'm sure :) Happy December to you too!

  3. Your little budgies are sweet. I had one (green, Peppy) as a child and one (blue, Toby) as an adult. They were both funny little guys. Peppy liked to wander around the dinner table, occasionally sitting on the rim of a glass and chirping down inside the glass so it would echo. Perhaps not the most sanitary dining table, but .... My father made a T stick to retrieve them from the tops of curtains and cabinets. They would step right onto the perch when we held it up to them.

    1. Mine wander everywhere as well, so I understand! My worst moment was finding Pepys trotting up the hallway when the door was open. They're great pets, I love budgies :D

  4. i'm glad the hens are okay and how nice to have another budgigerar! i read "The Possessed" by Dostoevsky; i don't remember if that's the same as "The Devils" or not... anyway, i liked it; it was quite Russian(inane comment, i know, but...)

    1. I do believe The Possessed is The Devils, possibly translated by Constance Garnett, who I like. Planning on reading her translation of The Brothers K if I ever get to it! :)


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