Wordless Wednesday: A chilly start.

Daffodil shoots.

Escallonia Apple Blossom.


Meg and Clover next to Viburnum.

Gate on which roses and honeysuckle grow.


  1. I really needed to see some hope for the future this morning. I’m glad the plants are still at work, even if the human world is faltering.


  2. Meg and Clover look like they know something we don't... that doesn't surprise me... early flowers are a joy; we've got a foot of snow...

    1. It's funny you should say that - Meg always has a knowing look and I often say to her "Ah yes, Megan KNOWS" :)

      No snow here at present though it's so so very cold. Apparently March is opening with a weather warning for snow. I can't wait for summer, I'm sick of being so cold. Wonderful to see the flowers, though :)


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