I have been.

I saw this at Allie's and thought it looked fun...

I have been:


Little more than shopping lists, I'm afraid! I do have a few posts planned for next week, but this weekend I've mainly been occupied with changing the template of my blog (and I do hope you like it!).


The Letters of Virginia Woolf: The Question of Things Happening (1912 - 1922). I've also started Work by Émile Zola (the edition I'm reading is an utter abomination; more on that in my review when I finish) and I'm almost finished The Provincial Lady in Wartime by E. M. Delafield. Also on the go: Dog Training Revolution by Zak George.


Outside the birds are certainly more vocal and the dawn chorus is once again in full vigour. The hens, meanwhile, are quietly digging and the budgies are chirping. Meanwhile, Blur's End of a Century is playing low.


I've finally seen an episode of the Gilmore Girls! I know some of you love it, so when I saw it was being shown from the beginning on Comedy Central I recorded it. I'm only up to the fifth episode of the first series but I am enjoying it. Other than that, Downton Abbey.

Sparrows enjoying a bath. Taken about 5 years ago.

I've been looking through old pictures recently: I had been looking for a specific picture and went through some files for it, and it was very nice to remember some old times.


Today is Pablo's fifth week birthday so I've been learning all about Chihuahuas and puppy training in preparation for his arrival here on 14th May.


Exceptionally tired. There was quite a thunderstorm here last night: forked lightning right across the forest and shattering thunderclaps - all very impressive, but I'm three-quarters asleep today because of it.

Pablo (taken yesterday).

The arrival of Pablo!


It was teatime. We're having pasta and black cabbage, and I'm looking forward to chilling with my boyfriend and watching Eggheads. Not long to go, though!


The warmer weather, the fact that the leaves are in bud now, the flowers are popping up, and my chickens are enjoying sunbathing and sitting on the bench again instead of huddled under the coop in front of the heater.


  1. i'm glad things have seemed to achieved a measure of calm... Mrs. M is in love with Pablo and wants one just like it; i don't think Albert( a dog) would take kindly to it, but who knows...

  2. he's a Heinz 57: supposed to be part German short-hair pointer, but acts more like that extinct species, the dodo...

  3. I love Mudpuddle's comment. I too, did Allie's meme and had great fun with it. I watched Downton Abbey on long haul flights once. Saw the entire series one year. Good way to pass the time flying. So happy your hens are out and about and looking forward to Pablo. Rest up, you'll need it with a puppy in the house. In the meantime I continue to enjoy our 3 cats and 2 dogs.

    1. I love Downton! I pretty much have it on a loop! And rest would be good, but I'm afraid Meg's just fallen again so I'm trying to get her fixed - been rather busy, but hopefully she'll perk up soon. 3 cats and 2 dogs - I've been there, a lot of work but very rewarding :)


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