This morning's sunrise.

It's been May for almost a week, and it's also been almost a week since I last updated: I'm very much behind with all things online! But all is well here, I'm just distracted by the preparations for the arrival of my puppy! I'm desperately excited now: he'll be here on the 14th, and we're almost prepared (we need to tuck away some wires that can be chewed, buy him a toy box, and get something to keep his food in). Tomorrow he'll be seven weeks old, and we've been waiting for him now for about 6 weeks. Time has dragged. But I saw him earlier in the week: we went to visit the farm where he currently lives with his mum and dad, and sister and brother. He's a stunner, and as words don't do him justice, here's a few pictures of his progress from week 1 to week 6:

Such a beauty! And he's a sweet dog, too, very playful and fun, and when I picked him up he immediately cuddled in, and later fell asleep on his knee. His sister is equally as beautiful but quite mad with excitement at everything; Pablo is probably the calmer of the pups, though his brother also looks to be a pretty chilled out dog too. So, a week on Monday he'll be brought home. Time has never gone as slow as this - it feels like it should be the end of June by now, but no, it's just the first week of May. No doubt time will pick up pace when we have him! I'm just so excited! 

As for other pet news: I'm happy to say Meg is still with us and is slowly (very slowly) getting better. We had a very bad week with her a few weeks ago: she stopped drinking for about 5 days and had only taking in tiny amounts of food. I stayed with her thinking she'd go at any minute, but suddenly she got herself out of her box and staggered to the door. I let her out and she pottered about, then later had a bit to eat and then finally a drink. Since then she's been drinking normally and eating much better. Her comb is back to being red and standing up properly, but her stance is terrible. Meanwhile the little ones, Bess and Clover, have become so vicious they've been relocated and are only here early in the morning, late evening, and to sleep (Meg's not well enough for the coop at present). It's not a pleasant situation, but they're right next door so I see them as much as I would have done anyway, though I'd still rather have them together (peacefully, though!). Not sure what the long term solution is, but for now they're happy enough and Meg's building her strength back up.

Now, reading: despite the lack of blogging I'm still reading and I've accrued quite a large pile of books to write about: Horace's Satires and Epistles, Persius' Satires, E. M. Delafield's The Provincial Lady in America and The Provincial Lady in Wartime, H. G. Wells' The First Men in the Moon, Pierre and Jean by Guy de Maupassant, and the second volume of Virginia Woolf's Letters: The Question of Things Happening. The only thing I haven't read is the one thing I ought to have read: Arden of Feversham for the Deal Me In Challenge. I'm afraid for tomorrow, to keep up to date, I'm going to cheat and randomly pick an essay as that's all I have time for now, and that essay will be Westminster Hall by Oliver Goldsmith.

Other than that, like last month I have no definitive plans for reading but I do think I might enjoy focusing on those Virginia Woolf letters (I loved the second volume), perhaps a Virginia Woolf biography (I'm very much in the Woolf zone), and one or two Romans: Catullus and Julius Caesar's The Gallic War are on my radar along with Horace's Odes.

And with that I must finish: not many pictures again, but I fully intend to start participating in Wordless Wednesday again so I'll have some then. It's very spring-like here at last!


  1. i'm glad to hear Meg is better... i guess hens can be a lot like people, vicious sometimes... then they need sorting out... i haven't read any of the books: it'll be interesting to hear about them...

    1. They can be so vicious. It's infuriating actually. I suppose they do things their way, but I really do wish they'd have some respect for their seniors.

  2. Looking forward to more reviews and your PUPPY!!! I love dogs but puppies are the best, well, most of the time. Little devils sometimes.

    1. I'm so madly excited about it! A week today! A week today we'll be leaving to go collect him! I got some more pictures last night (he was 7 weeks old yesterday) and he's a stunner. Looks like an intelligent dog too :) How am I going to get through this week!?


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