2018 Challenges

Back to the Classics 2018

12 / 12
A 19th century classicBel Ami by Guy de Maupassant.
A 20th century classicTortilla Flat by John Steinbeck.
A classic by a woman authorThe House of Ulloa by Emilia Pardo Bázan.
A classic in translation: Les Chants de Maldoror by Comte de Lautréamont.
A children's classic: Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson.
A classic crime story, fiction or non-fictionThe Swindler by Francisco de Quevedo.
A classic travel or journey narrative, fiction or non-fictionAround the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne.
A classic with a single-word titleMeditations by Marcus Aurelius.
A classic with a colour in the title: The White Guard by Mikhail Bulgakov.
A classic by an author that's new to youVis and Rāmin by Fakhruddin As'ad Gurgani.
A classic that scares youThus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche.
Re-read a favourite classicThe Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Deal Me In 2018 
25 / 52
Short Stories
Ace: The Captain's Daughter by Alexander Pushkin.
Queen: Peter the Great's Blackamoor by Alexander Pushkin.
JackThe Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde.
TenThe Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.
Nine: The Remarkable Rocket by Oscar Wilde.
Eight: The Mark on the Wall by Virginia Woolf.
Seven: Blue and Green by Virginia Woolf.
Six: A Society by Virginia Woolf.
QueenMother Bombie by John Lyly.
Jack: The Beggar's Opera by John Gay.
Nine: The Merry Devil of Edmonton.
Eight: Prometheus Unbound by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
Six: Cato by Joseph Addison.
FiveThe Phoenician Women by Seneca the Younger.
Queen: The Stagecoach by Samuel Johnson.
Jack: Witches, and Other Night Fears by Charles Lamb.
Ten: My First Play by Charles Lamb.
Nine: Of Persons One Would Wish to have Seen by William Hazlitt.
Eight: Book-Buying by Augustine Birrell.
Seven: The Last Gleeman by W. B. Yeats.
Six: July Grass by Richard Jeffries.
Two: A Vision by Samuel Coleridge. 

AceThe Sphinx by Oscar Wilde.
JackThe Passionate Shepherd to His Love by Christopher Marlowe.
NineLamon's Tale by Philip Sidney.
Eight: Amores by Ovid.
Seven: The Art of Love by Ovid.
Six: Cures for Love by Ovid.
Five: Fasti by Ovid.
Four: The Georgics by Virgil.
Three: The Ecologues by Virgil.
Two: On Facial Treatments for the Ladies by Ovid.


Twelve Caesars by Suetonius.
Fruitfulness by Émile Zola.

23 / 26
AArmadale by Wilkie Collins.
BThe House of Ulloa by Emilia Pardo Bazán.
CCranford by Elizabeth Gaskell.
DBest Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens.
EThe Egoist by George Meredith.
FThe Temptation of St. Anthony by Gustave Flaubert.
GThe Whole Duty of a Woman by Edmund Gosse.
H - Life's Little Ironies by Thomas Hardy.
IJohn Gabriel Borkman by Henrik Ibsen.
J - Three Men on a Bummel by Jerome K. Jerome.
KKidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson.
LLes Chants de Maldoror by Comte de Lautréamont.
M - Bel-Ami by Guy de Maupassant.
NThus Spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche.
OOn the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.
PPierre and Jean by Guy de Maupassant.
QTo the Queen by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
RThe Blessed Damozel by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
SThe Sphinx by Oscar Wilde.
TThe Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy.
UUtilitarianism by J. S. Mill.
VAround the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne.
WThe Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
XThe Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
YThe Wanderings of Oisin by W. B. Yeats.
ZFruitfulness by Émile Zola.

26 / 37
  1. Leucippe and Clitophon by Achilles Tatius
  2. Apollodorus' Library.
  3. On Christian Teaching by St. Augustine.
  4. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.
  5. Fragments by Bion of Smyrna.
  6. Poems by Gaius Valerius Catullus.
  7. The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar.
  8. The Nature of the Gods by Cicero.
  9. On the Good Life by Cicero.
  10. The Republic by Cicero.
  11. The Laws by Cicero.
  12. On Obligations by Cicero.
  13. The History of the Church from Christ to Constantine by Eusebius of Caesarea.
  14. Epistles I by Horace.
  15. Epistles II by Horace.
  16. Satires I by Horace.
  17. Satires II by Horace.
  18. On the Nature of Things by Lucretius
  19. The Poems by Moschus.
  20. Amores by Ovid
  21. The Art of Love by Ovid
  22. Cures for Love by Ovid. 
  23. Fasti by Ovid. 
  24. On Facial Treatments for the Ladies by Ovid
  25. Satires by Persius.
  26. The Satyricon by Petronius.
  27. Letters by Pliny the Younger.
  28. The Enneads by Plotinus.
  29. Apocolocyntosis by Seneca the Younger
  30. Medea by Seneca the Younger
  31. Agamemnon by Seneca the Younger
  32. Hercules by Seneca the Younger
  33. The Phoenician Women by Seneca the Younger.
  34. Letters from a Stoic by Seneca the Younger.
  35. Twelve Caesars by Suetonius. 
  36. The Georgics by Virgil
  37. The Eclogues by Virgil.

#NewAuthors18 Reading Challenge 
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